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wedding,_going_out,_summer,_etc_132.JPG Gussie Beltowski
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Outside Interests: I love spending time with family and friends, taking care of my two puppy black labs, working out, lifting weights, walking, spending time outside, baking (not cooking), sudoku's, reading, watching chick flicks, laying outside on nice days, and DANCING!
Fall: I will be in a general education, first grade, classroom with Dawnette Gooding.
Spring: I will be in the K-6 deaf/hh room with Jan Cox.
Both of my placements will be at Owosso Central Elementary School.
My Field Instructor is Karen Pawlick
Skype: augusta.beltowski
(I'm working on setting up the Web Cam)

Oral Education Resource File:

Observational Self Study Topics-

A work in progress- UNIT PLAN (Rough Draft) -