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Language Assessment

  • CEP 431 - H. Johnson - 9/18/09:
      • Guiding Questions:
        • As a teacher of students who are d/hh, what do you want to learn as a result of your assessment efforts?
        • Given the language problems commonly demonstrated by students who are d/hh, which tests will be most useful to you?
        • What are the test modifications that you are most likely to use in the language assessment of your students who are d/hh?
      • Guiding Questions:
        • What impact is a student's ethnicity likely to have upon their performance within language assessments?
        • How can you design your instruction to provide an ongoing analysis of a student's language competence and problems?
        • How can you design your instruction to effectively incorporate the information you gain from your language assessment work?
  • CEP 431 - H. Johnson - 9/25/09
      • Guiding Questions:
        • How does your theoretical approach to language development and use, impact your decision of what and how to conduct a language sample?
        • How will you collect, i.e., record, and analyze language samples of other than oral students who are d/hh?
  • CEP 432 - H. Johnson - 10/02/09
      • Guiding Questions
      • How do you develop your "presuppositional skills" and why are so many students who are d/hh so weak in this area language?
      • During a conversational exchange, what strategies do you use to link your statements with one another, i.e., what are "cohesive devices" you use?
      • All language use is culturally dictated, e.g., each culture determines how individuals should initiate, carry on, and end conversations. Given this position, what are some of the Deaf, vs. hearing, cultural differences in relation to conversational behaviors?