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I just checked this on the wiki and it looks like when I saved this from Open Office to Power Point, it deleted some information and pictures of the books from the slides. I'll get it fixed and reposted this week.

ok technology is diving me crazy, I've tried to re-do this three times and it's just not loding up the way I want it. So this is as good as it gets, at least it has the information just not all the pretty pictures.
At Iron Tone Natural Spring between Gaylord and Vanderbilt

  • Angela Lowry here but feel free to call me Angie.
  • You can reach me at my MSU or AOL e-mail, I check both. or
  • I am placed at Schultz Elementary in Detroit near McNichols (6 mile) and the Lodge. I am in Mr. Eric Zielke's room for the first semester and the class is self-contained (teaching all core subjects) with 6th grade boys. The second semester will be with Ms. Karee Strome in the upper EL Deaf Ed room.
  • Some of my interests away from school and work (I have not had it in awhile but I think it is called "free time") are playing outside; hiking, camping, gardening. I also like to putz in the kitchen and cook and bake. I enjoy reading a variety of books and when I have the time and money go to see a movie. I have one dog, Danu, (a Whippet/Terrier mix) and one cat, Loki, (long haired), and one suriving Flour beetle that I raised from mealworm stage for my SME class and Life Cycles topic named Bart.
  • I do not have a Skype address yet but am looking into it and will post it when avaliable.

    final draft